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Wood Price in Pakistan,
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Do you dream of using wood in some exciting project but are stuck in the lack of knowledge of wood price in Pakistan? Then you are at the right place, we will excel your knowledge about wood prices. Best wood price and quality is very much important, so we are here to make your dreams come true. From the resistant kikar to flexible partal for furniture to the majestic ash wood, fascinating mahogany, and yellow pine wood for doors, we have selected the best options that are according to your desires. Unbind your creativeness and step into the world of woodworking decorated with the knowledge of wood prices across Pakistan.

Types of Wood in Pakistan

In the divergent land of Pakistan, where nature is at its finest. A huge variety of wood types are present to fascinate wood admirers and builders. Every other type of wood has its own beauty and elegance, comprising different grains, colors, and properties that make them perfect for different crafting attempts. From the strong and stout kikar to the elegant and regal mahogany and from the flexible ash wood to the reliable yellow pine wood, the country possesses a splendid selection of woods that cater to a multitude of motives. In this initial survey, we commence on a voyage through the vast tapestry of wood types in Pakistan, unveiling their individual features and unfolding the secrets they contain for crafting amazement.

Ash (Hardwood)

Ashwood is a prominent gem because of its availability and flexibility among a huge range of wood types across Pakistan. People look for this wood mostly because of its exceptional bending abilities which makes it the best option for the crafting of furniture with elegant curved edges. Its natural tone varies from light greyish brown to a fascinating reddish shade, which adds a touch of warmth to every woodworking project. Having straight grain and exceptional resistance, ash wood is considered the most promising material in the manufacture of baseball bats and strong furnishings especially in crowded restaurants where patience is a key. In similarity with oak in appearance, ash wood boasts the advantage of being less prone to splitting, which makes it the top-graded option for different woodworking ventures. Let’s dig into the world of Ashwood and discover the numerous possibilities for your aspirations.

Mahogany (Hardwood)

Mahogany wood is considered one of the most controversial among other types over the past few years. There are a lot of subspecies of mahogany but this term is usually used to refer specifically to Honduran Mohagany. Alas, this elegant wood has become a victim of illegal logging leading to its insertion on the CITES list (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) In spite of the problems faced by this wood it still remains highly sought after because of its extraordinary qualities, even though it is quite expensive which makes it as one of the most popular choice for veneer wood. Over time, its dark and rich reddish brown tone deepens, presenting a fascinating glare that highlights its distinct grain.

Maple (Hardwood)

Maple wood is known for its rigidness in nature. It does not get affected by moisture even.
This is the best choice for a variety of products, also it has no effect even when the time changes. The design of this wood is like the grains of birds but this wood is very eye-catching. The light brown color and reddish shade is the reason why this wood is expensive. Like other woods, this type of wood has also various kinds. But the rock maple has emerged as the most commonly used kind. Let’s dig into the world of maple wood and discover the beautiful flexibility that makes it attractive in the eyes of woodworkers and artisans.

Teak (hardwood)

Teak has earned a rightful title as the king of wood in the world of wood because of its exceptional adaptability and resistivity. This majestic wood is extremely resistant to water because of its high oil content. Teak remains fire-resistant and flexible even in extremely hot water. Teak is always the top pick for a wide range of applications of indoor and outdoor furniture because of its sharp features. This type of wood is attractive due to its high-end joinery, It enchants the hearts of artists and architects. Let’s start the journey through the majestic world of Teak Wood, which has no match due to its resourcefulness.

Walnut (hardwood)

Amid its shortage in today’s market, walnut wood is definitely considered the most admired and valuable find. The deep, chocolate-colored richness of its grain makes it a forest choice for affluent veneers. Walnut wood is admired for its persistence and showcases a variety of elegant themes of colors, admiring the eye with variations along its straight grain. Let’s start investigating the beauty of Walnut Wood. This wood captures the heart of lovers and epicures due to its beauty and indubitable appeal.

Wood Price in Pakistan Today 25th July, 2023

Wood NameWood Price in CFT
Diyar Wood Price in Pakistan8500 Rs/cft
Ash Wood Price in Pakistan12,500 Rs/cft
Oud Wood Price in Pakistan8500 Rs/cft
Sagwan Wood Price in Pakistan25,000 Rs/cft
Yellow Pine Wood Price in Pakistan8,000 Rs/cft
Kail Wood Price in Pakistan5,000 Rs/cft
Kikar Wood Price in Pakistan3,000 Rs/cft
Mahogany Wood Price in Pakistan12,000 Rs/cft
Teak Wood Price in Pakistan23,000 Rs/cft
Oak Wood Price in Pakistan10,000 Rs/cft
Partal Wood Price in Pakistan3500 Rs/cft
Sheesham Wood Price in Pakistan6,000 Rs/cft
Tali Wood Price in Pakistan5500 Rs/cft
Burma Teak Wood Price in Pakistan25,000 Rs/cft
Walnut Wood Price in Pakistan18,000 Rs/cft

Most Expensive Wood in Pakistan

We conclude from all these types that Burma Teak is the most expensive wood in Pakistan with the price of Rs25,000/cft. The main reason for this price is that on this wood there is little effect of rain. Moreover, these are also durable which makes them expensive while comparison with others.

Pros & Cons of Using Wood in Construction

The most bygone material used in construction was wood. With this we can construct almost every kind of structure. We can get any size of these woods like 2×4 s or 2×12 s. The material can be found in forests.
But this wood has also many advantages and disadvantages that people must know before making any payment.



According to the Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) there are more than 60000 different sorts of wood types around the globe with everyone having rare features. One of them could be more resistant while the other would rather be more attractive. This leads a person to pick from a variety of options.


Wood is definitely considered the most popular material used in the construction of instruments as well. It is perfect for keeping out the vibrations and echoes and absorbing sound. Concert halls also use a huge amount of wood in construction.


Wood is warmer in comparison with steel and concrete. The reason behind it is that it uses a good amount of energy to change the temperature known as the specific heat of wood which is double of the concrete and thrice of the amount of steel.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Wood is simple for repairs and maintenance. There are a huge number of treatments for wood finishes including oil staining and paint that are put on and becomes efficient in a couple of hours. If repair is required, homeowners and contractors mostly use hand-friendly instruments to cut plain or fix wooden pieces together.


Shrinkage and Swelling:

Water is required in the growth of trees, in the same way, wooden materials also absorb water if not treated correctly. When water is entered the wooden fibers and structurally it becomes more fragile.

Pests and Fungi:

Wood can be eaten and digested by insects, pests, and fungi. Certain insects like termites, sometimes bore and drive into the wood fibers which cause a lot of damage to the wood material.


Wood is not fire resistant and if not treated correctly it can easily catch fire, therefore it is classified as an ignitable material.

If a homeowner or a contractor has any concerns regarding the wooden properties, then feel free to reach us at Team Engineering. We will be there to assist you regarding your queries.

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